not performed by human hands 1 and 2

developed in the spring of 2014, not performed by human hands is a video project made in collaboration with performer annakai hayakawa geshlider (alongside a number of unwitting co-conspirators).

the two-part project exists as a personal rumination on the queer, migrant experience. the project metabolizes this experience, comprehending it as an embodied subjectivity marked largely by feelings deemed ineffable or unspeakable. not performed by human hands ponders this loss, or lack, of language.

the breadth of the script ranges from excerpts taken from the colossians book in the new testament, to intimate conversations had with past partners, to craigslist job postings. the resulting concoction of a script was translated by my mother, margarita lubiano robinson, into her native dialect, visayan, then read back to me. the translation is inexact and imprecise, leaving cracks and omissions in the produced translation. not performed by human hands is an exploration of shame and internal loss.